Printable Goals

In addition to using our online vision board to manifest your dreams, we also suggest adding more visual reminders to your surroundings to achieve your goals even faster. Here’s how to create your own vision board in three easy steps:

  1. Print out our free one page vision board
  2. Add your personal goals with images or photographs. Our favorite way is to cut those images out from magazines, but you can also print from the internet or even draw your own pictures. We suggest you pick 4 goals from the following categories, but since it’s your board, add what YOU want!
    1. Personal Tangible Goal (i.e. Car, House)
    2. Personal Intangible Goal (i.e. Lose Weight, Play Guitar)
    3. Professional Goal (i.e. Promotion, New Career)
    4. Financial Goal (i.e. Debt Free, $50K In Bank)
  3. Place your vision board in a prominent location so that you can see it regularly, such as in your work cubicle, on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator or even above your bed on the ceiling.